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Past Releases

  • 1NTT - Live at Night
    (Total Eclipce & Tribal Tul)
  • Tribal Tul - Triplefull length album
  • Tribal Tul - Inspiredfull length album
  • Zion - Epicfull length album
  • Tribal MakerV/A
  • Tul - Anarchyfull length album
  • Blanka - DragonEP
  • . . .. . . . .

Last Release

  • 1NTT
    - LIVE at Night
  • Total Eclipse           &Tribal Tul
  • full length album2012
  • Total Eclipse and Tribal Tul in a live concert recorded in a psychedelic forest party at night... beating thru darkness to light...

Next Release

  • Transmutation (part1)
  • June2015
  • EP3 tracks
  • Stephane Holweck's next release.
    a 3 track EP, Removing the dust of few of the oldest writen Goa Psy-Trance Tracks, and shining some new light from the past.
    this EP sparks nostalgy in every trancer using a new sound density


  • 1NTT
  • California Sonshine
  • Itai Tribal
  • Madosh
  • Maria Kong
  • Scratch-22
  • Total Eclipse
  • Tribal Tul
  • . . .. . . . .

2015 Announcement

2015 started, and we decided to get back on track! we are starting to release new EPs, new Albums, new MUSIC!!! our next few releases are mostly Total Eclipse and 1NTT, and maybe yours (or a friend you tell us about)! so, please dont be shy and tell everybody: WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW MUSIC!!! to release Physicaly and Digitally

More News

What's Tribal Records

Tribal started by Eyal Ben Ari, Diana Garcia and Tul in 2000, when psytrance parties were everything you can dream about.

As a new label, we helped many new artists to manage around in the music industry, get gigs, release music, go abroad... some grew to be well known and some didnt, Tribal was the home for Musicians as Zoe, PPS Project (Felix Nagorsky and Samuel Walerstein), Luny Visions (Nir Shraiber and Tamir Friedman), Blanka, Zion, and many others. We appreciate ART and we'll always be a home for great artists

since 2013, Tribal grew to be a sound-system company too. it now delivers hi-end sound every weekend to another open-air or a club

More of the History

More then Music

we're supporting many arts, and ready to cooperate with sound engineers, painters, 3D modelers, Programers, video editors, light designers and more...